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2ND Generation ebike kit
fusinmotors ebike conversion kit - front wheel kit

Our unique Front-wheel electric bicycle conversion kit consists of 3 models:

  • 24V/200W
  • 36V/250W or 350W
  • 48V/500W
All these kits are available for wheels 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 26” and 28"
Advantages of our kits compared with others'
Brushless & planetary motor for ebike conversion kit Fusinmotors high quallity Controller with Regenerative brake for ebike kit Grip thrpttle with 3 speeds E-Gears switch
Brushless & Planetary motor EABS & Regenerative Controller 3 Gears switch
Full indicators Automatic LED headlamp
Electric Horn Button Full Indicators
LED Automatic Headlamp
LIFEO4 battery & charger
Lamp Automatic On
Full Alloy Brake Lever LIFEPO4 Battery Pack & Charger
Main 10 Features:
Max speed with 26"x2.125 wheel could be up to 40KPH separately by 24V/36V/48V system. The speed could be Pre-adjusted by specific requirements;
2 Max Torque up to 22N.M;
3 Lineal hall brake for Regenerative braking;
4 Regenerative controller, works with the geared motor perfectly
5 1+1 Pedal assisted system, Brake and Cut-off function;
6 3 speeds choices, for "low" "Medium" or "High" speed gear;
7 Electric horn build inside the headlamp, activated by left-hand horn button;
8 Automatic switch on/off LED headlamp according to the enviroment;
9 Soft start controller, EABS makes the brake comfortable;
Safe functioned controller, prevent any dangerous accidents
Lithium-iron battery (LIFEPO4) Packs:
Model 24V/10AH 36V/10AH 48V/10AH
Size(MM) 356 x 148 x 69
Weight(kgs) 3.8 5.5 7.2
Max charging current 5A 1.8A 4A
Max discharge current 20A 20A 20A

48V/10AH LIFEPO4 installed in rack36V/10AH Discahrge socket
Rear alloy carrier rack for battery & controller24V/36V Rear Carrier Rack

The 10AH battery cell data is here, there are 8/12/16 cells in
24V/36V/48V battery packs.
Note please:
1:This kit is suitable for bikes with 100MM front fork space;
2:BMS will cut off if discharge current over
The complete kit will include components as below:
1: Motorized front wheel;
2:Front LED headlamp with indicators;
3:Throttle grip or thumb throttle with gears selector, horn button;
4: Left & right brake levers & controller;
5: PAS system;
6:Rear carrier rack (Option)
7: LIFEPO4 battery (option)
8: Other small cable wraps
e-bike conversion kit by fusinmootros

front wheel e-bike kit installed on the cruiser bike     PAS Installation   Grip throttle   Thumb throttle
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